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So this dread of R●ussia was really the cause of the coercive▓ expedition despatched in 1839; but the ostensib●le cause was different, and is ▓characteristic of the methods ▓which have led to our

gradually obtaining sup●reme power i



n Hindostan.A domestic quarr▓el had arisen as to the succ▓ession to the Afghan throne which Dost Mah

ome▓d Khan, assumed to incline to▓wa


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rds Russia, had seized, and● which Shah Sujah, a son of the lat▓e monarch, also claimed.Thus primarily ●war was undertaken, to nominall●y place on the thron

e a prince un▓popular and bad, and wh



ose ten●ure of authority therefore only ▓lasted just as long as he had British● bayonets at his back. There was l●ittle serious opposition in the first ●phase of the campaign.The advance wa●s

made by way of Quettah and the Bolan on● Candahar.The Khan of Khelat foresaw the di▓fficulty that was to come.He knew that ●Dost Mahomed was a man of ability▓ and resource, and that his rival w●

as the reverse.“You have brought▓ an


army into the country” ●he remarked to Burnes, “but● how do you propose to take it back▓ again” The so-called native army, wh▓ich was supposed to accompany Sujah an▓d which was paid by us, di

d not ●contain a single Afghan, and● was, though native, purely alie▓n.The hill tribes assailed the colu▓mns in the mountain defiles, a●s might have been expected, and wheneve●r they were taken,

they were shot or ha▓nged, no quarte


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